we know it’s tough

Job search, writing resumes, updating your LinkedIn profile, networking, interviewing, negotiation, and more. Rarely, will you receive training for these skills, but mastering these items can change your life!

how you get the job

Preparation, Practice, and Positivity, will help you handle/overcome obstacles. I will simplify the difficult, and teach you tips and tricks for how to navigate any layer of the process. Remember, anything you want to be good at will take time and effort. One piece of information might make you better, the collective resources I have created will make you excellent!


I got into both schools I interviewed for and because of him I felt very confident walking into both of those interviews.
— Katy Palma
He is really good at what he does and has helped me out tremendously.
— Julio Aragon
He has helped me in every different aspect of my career.
— Ollie Anderson
He is incredibly effective and well worth the investment.
— Patrick Wayne